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August 25th, 2004

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11:13 pm - Excitment
They called me back! Now i just have to set up an interview. There are positions open in my same town or in the town that Adam lives in. Either are very close so its cool. I hope this job is what I anticipate... I guess I will find out soon enough. In the time being I am taking a day off tomorrow. I am going to spend the day with Adam before he starts work again and I start working hardcore. Also with grad school preparations there will be busy times ahead! We are going to take a ride out east and do something outdoors. It is supposed to be beautiful weather out tomorrow so I feel like being adventurous. I am got stuff after work today to pack a lunch and it should be a fun time. We might even see about going kayaking which would be cool. I have never used sea kayaks before, and he has never kayaked period. Should be exciting. If that doesnt work out then maybe we'll go to the beach or go hiking or something. weeeee
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Date:August 26th, 2004 08:56 am (UTC)

that's awesome! :-)

That's great that they called you to set up and interview! Good luck! I hope you get the job!!! :-)

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